Automatic SSL Management Solution for SaaS Providers

Create & Manage unlimited SSL certificates on a single AWS Instance in minutes.
Save months on Devops costs.
Control 100% of your domains, routes & traffic.

Our clients include eMail Marketing Platforms, Website Builders, URL Shorteners, Support, Status Page, Helpdesk, Affiliate Networks, Ad Networks & eCommerce Providers.


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How Kilo SSL Works

Discover The Fastest Way For SaaS Providers To Manage Unlimited Domains & SSL Certificates


Key Features

Kilo SSL is the easiest and quickest way for SaaS providers can manage unlimited branded domains and their SSL certificates.

Manage Unlimited Domains

Easily add new domains to your SaaS solution using our interface or API.

Unlimited SSL Certificates

Easily trigger the creation of a new SSL certificate for domains handled by your service.

Auto Renew Certificates

Kilo SSL automatically regenerates the SSL certificates for all domains handled by the management system.

AWS Cloud Watch

Integrate with your existing AWS Cloud Watch to receive logs & notifications.

Quick Setup

Setup a fully functioning web server with SSL management system in about 30 minutes!

FREE Updates

We provide free, 1 click upgrades to your SSL management system constantly releasing new features.

Automatic back-up

Kilos automatically backs up you certificates and allows an easy restore this way you can set up a new machine with all previously created certificates

NLB Compatible

You can set up few Kilo SSL instances behind the AWS NLB and Global Accelerator for better availability

Instances Grouping

You can control which Kilo instances get synchronized between themselves to handle different development environments.

Get a fully functioning solution in 30 minutes or less


Going Live Is Easy As 1-2-3

Go Live In 30 Minutes

Step 1: Install Kilo SSL Image From AWS Marketplace

1. Go to Kilo SSL AWS Marketplace Listing
2. Select the AWS EC2 Instance type and size you would like to launch.
3.Click Install and allow Kilo SSL to setup the server and install the domain management interface

Kilo SSL AWS Marketplace

Step 2: Config Your App - Open Ports

1. Open all required ports
2. Navigate to your new instance IP
3. Configure your Kilo SSL application
4. Point the domains to your new IP or modify your new IP to match your previous DNS proxy

Kilo SSL - Open Ports

Step 3: Automate SSL Cert Creation

1. Add domains / Import existing domain list
2. Automatically trigger the creation domains and their SSL certificates
3. OPTIONAL: Setup CloudWatch notifications

Kilo SSL - Admin